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An MST membership is your gateway into a diverse group of global teachers, who are solving problems in their own classrooms on a daily basis. Teachers rely on current information, resources, and networking to serve their students effectively. 


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You are connected to a global network of teachers banded together to improve learning outcomes among their students. We offer a members-only “SMART” discussion forum, where teachers are able to collaborate in order to solve classroom problems using action research methods.




One of the characteristics of a good teacher is a willingness to collaborate with colleagues on an ongoing basis.  Rather than thinking individually, the S.M.A.R.T. teacher thinks globally and is prepared to both offer and accept help form others.  Collaboration is a way to learn from fellow professionals. A great teacher uses reflective inquiry and constructive criticism as important weapons in her/his arsenal.  MST provides teacher-led collaboration and specialized training in Action Research (AR).  Global teachers learn the science and art of reflective inquiry allowing both students and teachers the opportunity to collaborate to resolve classroom problems and improve learning outcomes.  




MST believes that knowledge is power and keeps its members in touch with each other through our social media, email updates, and e-newsletters on emerging issues relevant to the global classroom in the 21st century. Our members share information with those in your subject areas in a way that saves time and money. 




You have many opportunities to network with teachers both  locally and globally as we assist you in establishing contacts, sharing ideas, gaining best practices, and finding solutions to enhance your profession. This global networking may also lead to opportunities for career enhancement.




Members receive scholarships in the form of one free webinar, small grants for school supplies, and discounts on other training opportunities offered by MST.  



As part of a global community, you will be empowered to get involved in and support the issues that affect your personal and professional lives.




My Smart Teacher, LLC provides affordable, online, professional development. We support teachers around the world as they solve problems in their respective classrooms. Sign up now for a membership at our special introductory rate of $59.99 per year (less than $5 per month) and start enjoying these benefits.