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  1. December 14, 2020

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  2. September 7, 2021

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    The range of sports markets available on the Bet9ja site is very impressive.
    And if football isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other sports to choose from.
    Fixtures in sports as diverse as rugby, basketball and handball can be found
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    Most of the time, the beginners follow the steps of more influential
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    It also will give you more confidence, because you already know that this
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    The betting beginners often are frustrated when they lose and they really need a mentor
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    It is simple – you should just watch the YouTube betting – http://tiny.cc/bet9jaNG videos and choose someone who is the most qualified and trusted
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    own. It is better to step into the betting world with basic knowledge of what is going on there.
    Things are even better for you if you know someone
    in real life who is betting on sports. You can discuss your wins and losses with this
    person and analyze them together. It is hard to win something without a proper pattern of what
    you are going to do. So, it is strongly recommended to take notes about the plan and strategy of betting and develop the new ideas
    in your mind. Every day you should learn something new.
    In case you have lost, you should not worry – it happens to everyone.
    Perhaps you should change your strategy to the one which will bring you victory.
    However, obsession with betting is not healthy – you should not consider every time you
    lost as some kind of failure – https://bit.ly/2I20eWi .
    This business requires patience. When you feel like betting on sports takes
    over your life, you should slow down and take care of yourself.
    Of course, you might have heard a lot of stories about people who won huge amounts of money on Bet9ja.
    However, these cases always occur out of luck,
    and obviously, they will not happen to everyone.
    So, you should not overestimate yourself and expect to win a fortune
    from the very first day. Of course, you can win a few million when you bet a million, but
    you can as well lose if the team you have bet on is having a bad day.
    Start from the small amounts of money, and maybe later you will be more confident to bet the bigger
    sums. The main goal that you have to set is to
    develop a strategy which will ensure you stable winning.
    You should not underestimate either loss or victory.
    Do not miss good chances that appear in front of you, but do not take
    every chance carelessly either. You always have
    to stay true to yourself and your usual strategy. The main point
    of betting of Bet9ja is not money, but wise strategic thinking that will help you win regularly and lose
    less frequently. If you lose money, it is not the sign that your strategy
    is bad and you are not made for winning. Every loss is a valuable lesson, and as hard as it
    is, you should not view it as a tragedy of a lifetime.
    You should learn from mistakes and not repeat them again. For instance, Bet9ja
    How To Register – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k if you have placed a
    high bet on low odds, you should know that it will not
    work out in most cases, so you should think of the other way to earn a profit.
    By the way, your losses can help you out with developing the various techniques, one of
    which might bring you a big win. It can also help you gain experience and adapt to the possible situations.
    bet9ja.com – https://register.bet9ja.com/?promocode=yohaig Not
    all people who bet on sports actually watch them, but it is better to have a lot of knowledge about the teams and athletes
    you are betting on. Betting on the best team will not
    bring you a lot of money because the stronger teams usually are widely expected to win the
    game, which is why they originally have high odds.

    However, you can pick the multiple bets at once – there is
    a chance that all the teams you have bet on will fulfill the betting conditions, and
    you will win money. While betting on the better teams will
    not bring you millions, they are more reliable, and
    this is a good opportunity to consider and practice your strategy including multiple bets.
    You should bet with your brain rather than your emotions.

    Before betting, you will have to bring up all the pros and cons in your head and make
    a decision based on them. If you have a favorite team, What Is Bet9ja Bonus Code
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w but they have low chances of winning the
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    this team. Of course, there is always a chance that the underdog will beat
    the stronger rival, but it depends on the situation. If you are still inexperienced in the world of
    betting, you should start from small or medium bets, and be patient because the success and big
    money will not come overnight. Like every other business, Why Is My Bet9ja Registration Failing –
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4 betting on sports requires time and
    effort. While some beginners think of betting
    as a game, it is, in fact, a serious business where
    you have to work hard. Some people make a big mistake by impulsive betting when they are losing,
    which often results in even more losing. This is the reason why
    you have to stay calm during your betting sessions and limit yourself to the number of bets made
    daily. Also, betting on sports when you have personal problems and are
    in a bad emotional state is not a good idea. You can make some thoughtless decisions which you
    will later regret about. This is why you have to bet on sports when your mind is clear and
    When Does Bet9ja Pay – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w you feel relaxed and rested.

    Before betting, you need to have a clear picture in your head about the games that you want
    to bet on and Bet9ja Highest Scoring Half – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k the expectations – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w you lay on. Discipline means not
    being distracted by the attractive – https://register.bet9ja.com/?promocode=yohaig offers that come up on the website and sticking to your daily plan. People
    who want to bet on sports professionally should control their emotions and remain calm, which will help them to
    deal with the losses and stay dedicated even if not everything is working out perfectly at once.
    These people have the better chance to succeed in the betting sphere.
    The life of betting enthusiast can be compared to a rollercoaster.
    However, this business is really interesting and youtube.com – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4 can bring
    you profit once you become experienced in it. Of course, many
    things depend on luck, but a lot of players on Bet9ja who have their set
    strategy have already won a lot of money, Why Is My Bet9ja Withdrawal Pending – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k so you
    can always follow their steps. Bet9ja is an online bookmaker company that offers betting on major
    sporting events. Traded under KC Gaming Networks Limited and What
    Is Bet9ja Email Address – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w run by
    a series of shareholders of multiple nationalities, the website
    is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) with
    permission to operate in other parts of Nigeria. It is the second most popular online
    betting company in the world and number one in Africa and
    Nigeria as well, employing thousands of Nigerians. Bet9ja is owned
    by Kunle Soname who is also it’s chairman. It’s current CEO
    is Friday Chizube Nnorom. On 10 September 2013,
    Bet9ja signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Remo Stars F.C.

    We have prepaid all match fixtures for this weekend for you.
    If you would like to place a bet on bet9ja, then you have to go through the match fixtures and select the best matches.
    Bet9ja Fixtures and Codes will be listed. I intend giving free odds that will help you win huge amount this weekend.
    I will not give big odds but the small one I drop will enter.
    I will list all the fixtures for premier league, champions league
    and then give you site to check other one omitted here.
    This post will keep populating with bet9ja fixtures and codes every hour.
    Avail yourself the opportunity to get them all by re-visiting this page
    to get the updated fixtures. Now, if you want to get daily updates,
    Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Abuja – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w use the comment section now.
    Playing bet9ja online is the best thing for you.

    One good thing about playing online is that you will be
    able to control your ticket. Let’s assume that you played two
    games, one entered and you are afraid of the second one entering, you can cash out the one that entered.
    WOW It’s Good News! Nigeria foremost Bookmaker, Bet9ja has officially joined the Lagos Women Run as
    an official sponsor of the nation’s number one
    Women run. In his statement, CEO of Bet9ja, Mr.

    Ayo Ojuroye described the Lagos Women Run, as a good initiative to
    empower women in sports and to bring much needed awareness to issues concerning womenfolk in Nigerian society.
    With the success of the 2016 edition, the large turnout of
    participants at the maiden event has made it essential for the continuity of the run and soon to be established as an annual event.
    General Coordinator of the Lagos Women Run, Tayo Popoola, said
    the race would begin at the National Stadium, adding that the event was in line with
    the Lagos State’s Government’s initiative for
    women. Your page has three redirects. Redirects introduce additional delays just before the page can be loaded.
    Keep away from landing page redirects for the following chain of redirected URLs.
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    Currently, the major game sessions attracting most bets with the highest payout on the Bet9ja platform are Premier League, UEFA Championship, FA
    Cup, Serie A, and La Liga. Bet9ja coupon and bet slip.
    NB: Ordinarily, you would have expected the app to be
    out there on Google Play Retailer but as of this writing, Bet9ja app can only be downloaded straight to your telephone as a secure
    app. Modify Settings on your smartphone to allow the app – Tick “Unknown Sources” below your device’s Security or Application Settings.

    Download – Click the download button to get started the download on your device.
    Install – Open the “Downloads” folder and select the app (.apk file) to set up.

    Those two games ended 2-2 and need to it go that way by the very
    same scoreline readily available at (18.00), it would give the Old Lady the away advantage ahead of
    the return leg. Juventus are unbeaten in their last 22
    games against Atalanta and odds of (1.30)
    recommend that they will leave Bergamo avoiding defeat as soon as
    once again. Only twice have La Dea failed to score in their final
    29 games. Allegri’s charges have averaged two.64 objectives on their
    away trips in Serie A this season. Also contemplating that the final 4 meetings in between the Turin giants and their opponents from Bergamo have gone this
    way, Bet9ja offers odds of (two.46) for far more than 3 ambitions to be developed on Tuesday night.
    X: Wins if Everton loses – https://register.bet9ja.com/?promocode=yohaig with a score
    distinction of 1 aim (eg. Wins if Liverpool wins with a score distinction of at least 2 objectives (eg.

    The game has finished, but my bet is nevertheless not updated?

    After a game has completed, there is a working time
    necessary to verify the official benefits,
    to update the final results and settle the bets. How several events I can add to my
    bet slip? How do I place a technique bet/combined bet?
    Let’s decide on 4 events and try to combine them.
    If events B, C and D are winning, then all combinations that don’t
    contain the losing occasion, will be winning. You can make a decision to make aspect combinations.

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches,
    american football, horse racing, the premier league and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot or the gold titan jackpot.

  3. Alexandr
    September 12, 2021

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  4. September 13, 2021

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    3. Use all possible promotional codes. Even if the gift is only $1 or one free bet, the bonus code needs to be
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    Nowadays, promotional codes can be found on the Internet much more often than before.
    Now it’s enough to subscribe to news of several thematic sites, and you won’t need to search for codes yourself to get benefits.

    Concise and functional livescores portal
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    This livescores site is a highly functional platform for betters and sports fans.
    More recently, the “Bookmakers” section has been added to it, where there are reviews of the
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    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football
    matches, american football, horse racing, the premier league
    and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini jackpots,
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  5. September 15, 2021

    The right Bet9ja promo code to get your ₦100000 exclusive bonus is

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    Bet9ja is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and it is owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited.No deposit gifts, free bets, free
    spins, free lottery tickets or poker free rolls – the list
    of rewards is endless! The Bet9ja promotion code is considered to be one of the best promotions
    of this bookmaker company, which doesn’t have serious requirements.

    It’s not difficult to receive a unique combination: for this you should comply with the rules of the company and actively bet.
    In this case the bookmaker will constantly give you personal promotional codes.
    But if you don’t want to wait, look for exclusive codes on partner resources and third-party
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    It is quite easy to get even more benefits with the Bet9ja promotion code.
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    1. Subscribe to updates of the bookmaker and its partner resources.
    This will allow you to always keep abreast of interesting news about
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    2. Follow the bookmaker’s news. Sometimes the company runs
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    latest information.
    3. Use all possible promotional codes. Even if the gift
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    This livescores site is a highly functional platform for
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    as information about bonuses, promotional codes, registration features and mobile apps.

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches, american football, horse racing, the premier league
    and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit
    of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini
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  6. September 20, 2021

    The right Bet9ja.com promotion code to get your NGN100,000 bonus is YOHAIG.

    The Bet9ja promotion code or bonus code will give you
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    Bet9ja is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and it is owned by KC Gaming
    Networks Limited.The right code could make all the difference when you make bets online.
    It gives you more of an incentive to make riskier bets you might
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    sports. Once you are a part of the team, you should start your hunt for Bet9ja code, using them as your right-hand man when making bets on the events you’ve been dying for.

    It may seem easy to find codes, but there are
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    In this review, we have some tips on where to find Bet9ja coupons in Nigeria, along with a way to see if
    they are valid. We will also give you the scoop on a few ongoing promo Bet9ja com offers that will keep you engaged and
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    First and foremost, if you have stumbled upon this and are
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    As a newcomer, you can score the best and most profitable
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    The sign up is easy and will only take you entering in a few minor details.
    Once you are in and become a part of the team, just
    add some funds to your account and enjoy
    a 100% match. It comes with a limit, however, so hold onto your hats.
    The match is for first deposits from 100 Naira up to 100,000 Naira, allowing you to bet confidently with double your initial input.
    Keep in mind that per the bookie’s policy, you must make bets on odds of
    at least 1.8 and at an amount five times whatever you choose to begin with.

    Wondering if Bet9ja offers your preferred payment method?
    We have included a chart below to give you the shot at your first
    Bet9ja promo.

    How to Check Coupon Bet9ja?

    Want to know how the bets you made using a Bet9ja promotion code 2020 are
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    if you have money to withdraw waiting for you?
    The bookmaker makes it easy to check a Bet9ja coupon just by going to
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    in for gambling a withdrawal or go back to the betting board.
    You can also search by your slip number, the unique identifier that comes with all the bets you make.

    You may also be wondering about the Bet9ja bet
    codes you have handy. Maybe you found them online while surfing the web
    and are left wondering, are they legit? Will they deliver what they say, and will they actually work
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    in fact, a useable code, it will credit to your account in seconds, gambling and if not, nothing
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    Make sure you’re using credible sources like betting
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    Bet9ja Winning Coupon

    If you haven’t heard about the Super9ja jackpot, hold on to your seats.
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    a jackpot!

    Another promo that comes without the need for a Bet9ja mobile
    coupon that increases your chance to win some green is the Odds Surge Bonus.

    Bet9ja takes events and increases their odds
    to make them more attractive and more profitable whenever they are hit.
    They know that sometimes taking a risk and going for bets with odds that
    are lower than you would like to bet on is tricky.
    While bets with lower odds may attract players due to the
    payouts, their likelihood makes them scary and less frequent
    unless you have some insider info that makes you more sure.

    Keep in mind that apart from the full mobile site that you can access from your
    PC, the betmaker has developed a lite mobile version. You can think of it as an app, designed to fit better to
    smaller screens on devices like smartphones and tablets.
    Whether you’re taking a gamble on your favorite teams or trying your luck out on a hand of poker,
    the mobile lite version is an option that lets you take Bet9ja gaming
    on the go. It’s not bulky, it’s much easier to navigate, and comes without the need to download any additional software.

    You can do all the same functions as at the full site and
    even check promo codes, bonuses, and scores. There is not
    yet an app, but who knows if there will be, with the seamless
    way the mobile lite version works across devices.

    What to Do with an Old Bet9ja coupon in Nigeria?

    When on the hunt for bet9ja a free Bet9ja booking code, you
    may find that some around the web are expired and outdated.
    It is another reason for the need to use only the top-rated sites that keep up to date with their predictions and promotions.
    When looking for Bet9ja coupon code for today, you have a ton of options, including the home page for the ongoing jackpot and bonus opportunities.
    The cool thing about Bet9ja is that they have so many unique features and bonus opportunities happening online at all times that you’re sure to rack up winnings from all around.
    In addition to the special offers mentioned above, the
    betting site also offers sports enthusiasts a way to personalize their bets.

    All you should do is find the event, make your
    claim, and send it to the operator. They will take a
    look at it and send you a price with odds giving
    you a personally tailored bet.

    If you are one of many who have run into an old mobile
    Bet9ja coupon, don’t worry. The casino is always
    working on updating their offers to keep new and current players constantly coming back for more.
    If there is ever a code that you are sure about, sports betting especially if it comes from a reputable site,
    you can always contact the customer service to clear your
    doubts. To get ahold of an agent, you can strike up a conversation by typing your question online in the live chatbox.
    There is also a free phone number listed exclusively for Nigerian customers,
    along with an email that comes with the 24-hour response time.
    Apart from these two, you can always take a look at social media
    to connect with other players or even check out Bet9ja’s FAQ for answers to
    the most asked questions.

    Bet9ja Coupon Load: A Quick Guide

    There are a ton of Bet9ja pool coupon code offers all around.
    The popularity of the website and the rise in sports bettors across
    the globe makes them an attractive target for the sports enthusiasts
    and bloggers around the web. Still, not every coupon or promo code
    will be accepted by the betting site at all times, so, it is highly
    recommended always to check the website first before you get
    your hopes up. The betting site has added a newer feature that comes with the option to “Rebet” a coupon. Just think, if you have a Bet9ja coupon code for this week,
    you can take it and use it on multiple events, reactivating and reloading the code and its features each time.

    Apart from taking advantage of all the promo code for
    Bet9ja, you have a ton of features that distinguish it
    from other sports market betting sites of its kind. One of those is the opportunity to
    stream live events right to your screen on practically any device.
    Not every event is featured, but there is a handful
    of events happening daily, which you can browse and keep
    an eye on. If you can’t stream, you can at least
    stay tuned with up to the second updates on scores and breaking news while matches are unfolding.

    Using this knowledge, you can put Bet9ja’s cashout
    option to use, using it if something you weren’t expecting happens during the match.
    You don’t have to take out your entire bet, but you can opt
    for a partial cashout if you wish you would have bet less.

    Quick registration and sign up give you access to a world
    full of money-making opportunities and coupons. All types of markets and
    sports, from the most popular to the newest virtual sports, are held in one
    place and come with a chance to guess their outcomes and
    get rich. When on the hunt for Bet9ja promo codes, be sure to check their expiration and check if they work,
    heading over to the home page and entering it to see if it credits to
    your account. After surfing the web and coming back empty-handed,
    you can at least rest easy knowing that several promos are happening on the home page as we speak.
    So, you can always use them without hassle and be sure that the promos that Bet9ja features on its official website are 100% working and valid.

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches, american football, horse racing, the premier league and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit
    of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot or the gold
    titan jackpot.

  7. October 3, 2021

    The correct Bet9ja promo code to get your NGN100,000 exclusive bonus is YOHAIG.

    The Bet9ja promotion code or bonus code will give you welcome bonus money and free bets with your successful first deposit.

    You can use your free get on sports betting, virtual sports, virtual football betting, virtual soccer game, virtual games, casino games, horse racing, european leagues, english premier league, american football, zoom soccer, football matches and other popular european leagues.

    Bet9ja is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and it is owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited.Sporting events like hockey and soccer competitions are generally the most appealing, with wagering ratios laid down at 114 percent. In this case, a gamer is subjected to adherence of bet9ja bonus terms and conditions, because bonus returns could be withdrawn. These strict rules are followed: Offer is only valid once for each gamer profile. Punter’s lowest possible down payment to take advantage of offer is about 100 Naira.

    Download Bet9ja app

    Single or multiple bets must be made at current marketplace value of your down payment on either of the gaming offerings showcasing 3.0 odds or greater. In accordance to bet9ja withdrawal rules’ highest conceivable expensed sum for welcome reward is 100000 Naira, which means that whenever a punter makes payment of 100000 Naira, you’ll receive a 100 percent corresponding 100000 Naira as credit.

    Bet9ja promotions code and rewards
    Through NARAPREDICT, gamer is able to check-in seeing options on bet9ja check coupon code if it’s available, to maximize his or her wagering returns which is very essential for seasoned gamers. Gamer could perhaps shudder thinking what’s 2019 Bet9ja promotion code can however indeed surely bring?

    These gamblers might indeed be surprised discovering that Bet9ja promo code provides admission to 100000 Naira via 100 percent bet9ja incentive. Bet9ja equals any task by churning out varieties of freebies on gamers.

    They are deposit bonuses, free stakes and rewards, enlistment bonus and offer, promo offers and code plus others. Bet9ja deals mean gamers receives 100 percent payment for their down payment once they launch a prospective account. A range of continuing offers are open to loyal gamers in the meantime. Nevertheless, perhaps the most enticing is recent “Super9ja” campaign which provide prospect of earning 100000000 Naira, with assured weekly bonanzas for twenty shortlisted games.

    Gamers essentially have to forecast match outcomes of ten chosen soccer games, typically of common European championships or tournaments.

    Bet9ja Registration
    Bet9ja currently, is most iconic internet wagering brand in Nigeria’s sports domain. This section would demonstrate what to do to create free Bet9ja profile ; either mobile device as well as via computer.

    Bet9ja registration

    Mobile Enrolment
    Enlisting via mobile app adopts the very identical procedure as the computer which needs not many fill-ups. A page shows “Login” atop right segment. Launching Bet9ja enrolment, implies ticking the button. For enrolment, punter’s e-mail, first cum last names, plus other personal data on page that appears.
    Use Bet9ja promo code

    Choose “Continue” tab for completion of enrolment. One could fill-in bet9ja check coupon code if one before now possesses it. Be sure the data received is correct. If not, this might adversely affect likelihood of in receipt of payments. Last stage is therefore agreeing on terms and conditions of site. You’d need tap “Create Account” key if this’s accomplished.

    Enrolment on PC
    Head to homepage, http://www.bet9ja.com would be first stage. Start your Bet9a enrolment, by tapping Enrolment key. Once done, gamer loads a separate page. This is a simple move. Registrant has to type in data, including a valid electronic mail, throughout places specified. If punter previously have, he/she can input bet9ja booking code. Next is acknowledging a user agreement, along with site’s conditions. Gamer has to ensure he/she clocks 18+. Finally, tap “Login.”

    Bet9ja Promotion Code requirements
    Accessing earnings, punter should obey bookie’s requirements for bet9ja match codes and odds; which have bookmaking criteria punter need to fulfill in obtaining bonus money off earnings. Look it up, due to likelihood to run a loss on funds for any wrongdoing.

    We’ve got most relevant requirements punters must accomplish: For first time punters, try and ensure to enroll with inimitable name, electronic mail, residential address and ATM card, note, you can’t be former punter. Input promo code from NARAPREDICT it might be the best option guaranteed that you’ll be qualified for promo reward of 100 percent.

    Successfully peruse and follow these criteria meticulously: Punter should be a first-timer, meaning, first enroll with only an electronic mail that’s not previously enrolled throughout the database, a specific residential address and bank card that’s not entered throughout the database.

    Download Bet9ja apk

    If you’re an old punter, it’ll be impossible for you to enroll for this bonus giveaway. Please ensure that when you enroll, you’d input the promotional code received from Narapredict homepage. This guarantees a solid proof as an eligible punter for the 100 percent bonus offer.

    Lodge the initial sum to your account to start off. Punter may select from certain options made available. Irrespective of the preferred efficient choice to punter or which choice you want, you’ll receive reward.

    Punter’s bonus payment relies solely on initial sum punter lodged into account. If punter lodges of 1000 Naira, the accrued bonus money would be 1000 Naira. Doubling of initial down payment made must be staked as bet 5x with lodged sum.

    For instance, if punter had staked 1000 Naira, punter would receive 10000 Naira prior to requesting earnings. Also wagers of 1.80 odds and more would be excluded from sum required. Punter shall observe improvement in earnings made in punter’s account.

    What punter need to know: Bet9ja Promotional Code.

    Bet9ja promo code granting punters ability to earn rewards of hundred percent in punters Bet9ja sports book transaction. For punter to grab this offer you’ll make down payment between 100 and 100000 Naira.

    Claiming Bet9ja Promotion Code 2020
    Abide by these simple guidelines underneath to obtain promo code offer bet9ja: Check bet9ja homepage by tapping ‘JOIN NOW’ tab. By inputting electronic mail, via application form. When punter lands on web page, promocode area should actually contain code.

    If NO, tap ‘YES’ for ‘Do you have a Promotion Code?’ Then, input PROMOCODE. Tap a small square accepting Terms Conditions of Bet9ja. Tap ‘Register’ then enrollment is finalized, ‘Registration Complete’ message prompt is displayed.

    Bet9ja login

    Punter should look his/her electronic mail for activation link.

    Bet9ja Promotion Code T&Cs
    Promotional offer is valid once for each punter(‘s) profile. The min. down payment to take advantage of the offer is 100 Naira. In fact, for gamers to be able to withdraw earnings, any and all criteria established by gambling company must only be fulfilled. Such requirements encompass criteria for gambling that you’ll have to satisfy to be given your reward money.

    Fully peruse these criteria: Punter should be a first-timer, meaning, first enroll with only an electronic mail that’s not previously enrolled throughout the database, a specific residential address and bank card that’s not entered throughout the database.

    If you’re an old punter, it’ll be impossible for you to enroll for this bonus giveaway. Please ensure that when you sign-on, you’d input the promotional code received from Narapredict homepage. This guarantees a solid proof as an eligible client for hundred percent bonus offer.

    Lodge the initial sum to your account to start off. Punter may select from certain options made available. Irrespective of the preferred choice to gamer, you’ll receives reward. Punter’s bonus payment relies solely on initial sum punter lodged into account.

    Bet9ja app

    If punter lodges of 1000 Naira, accrued bonus money would be 1000 Naira. Doubling of initial down payment made must be staked as bet 5x with lodged sum. For instance, if punter had staked 1000 Naira, punter would receive 10000 Naira prior to requesting earnings.

    Also wagers of 1.80 odds and more would be excluded from sum required. Punter shall track progress of earnings made in punter’s profile banking segment. About Bet9ja. Bet9ja is based in Lagos State, South Western Nigeria; is undeniably a great electronic gambling system adorned with a variety of online staking markets, protected and professionally managed, with acknowledged authorization from Lagos government. Additionally, they add real time portable functionalities and effectively eased framework, making it the ultimate option for gambling.

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches, american football, horse racing, the premier league and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot or the gold titan jackpot.

  8. October 7, 2021

    The accurate Bet9ja promotion code to get your ₦100K bonus cash is YOHAIG.

    The Bet9ja promotion code or bonus code will give you welcome bonus money and free bets with your successful first deposit.

    You can use your free get on sports betting, virtual sports, virtual football betting, virtual soccer game, virtual games, casino games, horse racing, european leagues, english premier league, american football, zoom soccer, football matches and other popular european leagues.

    Bet9ja is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and it is owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited.Bet9ja, Nigeria’s top online betting website, has launched a promotion code that gives you up to ₦100,000 free on your first deposit. This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to enjoy more entertainment and have a chance of winning some money.The promo code can be redeemed when you sign up with Bet9ja, and it guarantees that your account will get credited with a maximum bonus of ₦100,000 without any withdrawal limits!The Bet9ja promotion code is YOHAIG. For you to be able to win the bonus offer using the promotional code, read the step-by-step guide below on how to get the promotion code on Bet9ja and how to claim it.The 100% Welcome Bonus of up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet on the Bet9ja League is valid for all new Bet9ja customers who register online and deposit using any method.To be eligible for this offer, the customer must make a successful first deposit (Minimum deposit: ₦100) into their Bet9ja account. What Can I Get With the Bet9ja Promotion Code 2021?The Bet9ja coupon code YOHAIG entitles you to get a bonus of up to 100% of up to ₦100.000 for the Bet9ja Sportsbook and 1 Free Bet on Bet9ja League.To qualify, you have to make a deposit between ₦100 and ₦100,000 on your bet9ja account. Remember to fulfill the wagering requirements: Stake your full deposit, wager the bonus 10 times at odds of a minimum of 3.00 to pay the winnings from your Sportsbook bonus out.The 1 Bet9ja League Free Bet is awarded upon 1st deposit, the value of the free bet is ₦50.The Bet9ja promo code is for new customers to enter into the ‘Promotion Code’ box. This code and Bet9ja bonus offer will entitle you to a 100% welcome bonus up to a maximum of ₦100,000 and 2 free bets on Bet9ja league. Bet9ja RegistrationWhen registering at Bet9ja Nigeria with this coupon code, you can claim up to ₦100.000 as a bonus.Betj9a is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and sponsors the local National League. How to claim the Bet9ja Promotion Code: Fill in the registration form. If you came in from our site, the Promotion Code field is already filled with YOHAIG. If not, click Yes in the “Do you have a Promotion Code?” field at the bottom of the registration form and type the code. After clicking “Proceed” you will get an SMS with the Activation Code: type it in Step 2. Now get to the payment page and make a deposit of a minimum of ₦100 and a maximum of ₦100.000 on your bet9ja account. Your bonus money should appear right after the payment is approved, but it might take up to 24h. Depending on the amount you deposited, you will get a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. You will also get one free bet with the Bet9ja League. You must stake the full deposit amount. Minimum odds are 3.00 and you must wager 10 times. Bet9ja Promotion Code RequirementsThey include wagering requirements you need to meet to pay your winnings from the bonus money out.We have collected the most crucial terms and conditions: Register and enter the bonus code – YOHAIG – this is the only way you can make sure you are eligible for the 100% bonus offer. Make a successful deposit – there are a lot of possibilities – no matter which one is most suitable for you, you will get the bonus. Depending on how much you deposited, that’s what your bonus cash is going to be (if you deposit ₦1,500, you will get a ₦1,500 bonus ). You need to stake your full deposit at odds of at least 3.00 and the bets need to settle before you receive the bonus money. You will be able to track your turnover progress in the banking section of your profile. Any Good?Bet9ja is a secure platform for online sports betting, offering the best markets and lucrative offers The company’s headquarters is in Lagos, operating by KC Gaming Networks Limited.You can be sure, that you are betting legally: the company holds a Sportsbook and Gaming License from the Lagos State Lotteries Board.Bet on European LeaguesThe Bundesliga and the Premier League is finally back as two of the top European Leagues to continue the season.If you’re just as excited as we are, head over to Bet9ja to find some exclusive offers for the ongoing Bundesliga and Premier League matches. Super9ja Every week there is a ₦10,000,000 game of predicting 6 scores. Every registered punter can take part in it free of charge. That’s the Bet9ja no deposit bonus you cannot miss! Bet9ja JackpotsBet9ja Titan Jackpots are the highest online jackpots in Nigeria and allow you to win large millions of Naira, every single week.The Titan Jackpots can be won in the Bet9ja league, the operators’ flagship virtual game.When you sign up and deposit for the first time, you receive 1 Free Bet for the Bet9ja League, so can test it right away.The Red Titan Jackpot or the bumper payout of the Gold Titan Jackpot can make you become millionaires, just by playing as usual.There are also mini jackpots for predicting accurately nine and eight scores. Bet9ja ZOOMBet9ja has a new feature: a virtual soccer game resembling virtual football betting.Bet9ja Zoom soccer allows you to experience the real leagues every day, as there will always be a match available daily and throughout the year so you no longer have to worry about the league coming to an end.Bet9ja zoom soccer is very close to real-life football games in the sense that it imitates the real markets and the leagues have the same team names.Even the results take time to process, just like the real-life process of football matches.At the same time, you can book matches with your phone mobile device or visit any of the Bet9ja outlets nationwide.You can also use your Welcome Bonus on Bet9ja zoom soccer: when you register, enter YOHAIG in the code fields, and take advantage of the Bet9ja promotion code.One of the exciting features of Bet9ja’s Zoom Soccer is that it features some of the popular European leagues.This includes the German Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Premier League, La Liga, Primera Liga and more.The Zoom Leagues are named Bundes-Zoom, Ligue 1-Zoom, Premier-Zoom, Liga-Zoom, Primeira-Zoom, and Serie A-Zoom respectively.You can find all of your favourite teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, or Juventus on the Zoom Soccer platform.Again, all the teams will start with the letter Z.Unlike other virtual games, zoom soccer played on your mobile device with a booking code or played in a shop, making it more of a real bet. Zoom Soccer is a great product worth trying out if you have not tried it already. BookingBet9ja offers you the possibility to book your bet. Basically, what it comes down to is that you create a bet slip, that you can use in the bet9ja betting store.Bet9ja Promotion CodesBet9ja is an excellent bookmaking service offering a wide selection of sports betting markets with a safe and secure system.On top of that, they add up-to-date features for mobile and an easy-to-use platform, to make it the obvious choice for online betting.Be sure to use your Bet9ja promotion code, YOHAIG, to enjoy betting and get even more out of the experience and to maximize your winning potential. Enter your Bet9ja bonus code and start winning now.Enter the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG when prompted. Once you’ve entered this, you’ll receive an e-mail to activate your account.You’ll need to click on the activation link before you can go any further.Finally, you’ll be asked to provide personal details such as your name, date of birth and mobile number.You can gain a bonus from bets on any of these selections, and the Bet9ja promo code gives you a higher percentage for each additional bet you place.After months of waiting, we can finally watch and bet on the English Premier League again.You can start your football betting experience at Bet9ja which covers all of the most important sports betting markets worldwide.Please play responsibly.The only way to withdraw at bet9ja sports betting is via bank transfer.Welcome BonusThe Welcome Bonus amount remains non-withdrawable until the Welcome Bonus has been wagered a minimum of 10 times on any sports market with odds 3.00 or greater. Bet9ja will also award 1 Bet9ja League Free Bet upon first deposit. Only new users have the possibility to receive the exclusive bonus. While registering do not forget to use the bonus code YOHAIG. Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet YOHAIG 100% bonus up to ₦100,000 in free bets.Wagering requirements 10x (odds 3.00 or greater) Enter your details, make your first deposit and then Bet9ja will match it 100% with bonus funds that you can use as you see fit. You’ll also qualify for two Bet9ja free bets for Bet9ja League.Placing a bet with this Nigerian sports betting site is easy. A 100% bonus is very scarce in the sports betting market as only a few sportsbooks have it on offer.Use your Bet9ja promotion code: YOHAIG on any of these Sports markets to get even more out of your Sports bets (new customers only).Your stake will be deducted from your account balance when you click the ‘bet’ button.The Bet9ja welcome bonus is a 100% matched deposit bonus.Make sure you always know what is the minimum deposit.With Bet9ja you have the possibility to bet on Virtual sports such as football, tennis, horse racing or dog racing.Bet9ja offers a large selection of the most popular sports, and give their customers a bonus deal with the bet9ja bonus code, to up the ante.There are also options for those markets for those who are more into casino games, racing or virtual betting.The standard of betting sites and online casinos in Africa has improved dramatically in recent years, and leading the way has undoubtedly been Bet9ja. Bookmakers think up new betting promos all the time. They need to do this to make themselves stand out from their counterparts. They do it in relation to the type of betting promos that they offer. Betting promos range from free bets to sign-up bonuses. There are also other betting promos that could attract the attention of any punter.Betting promos reduce the risk related to sports betting. You might also enjoy the other areas of the Bet9ja website, including their Live Betting, Racing, Casino, and Virtual sections.Live Betting allows you to place bets on events that are ongoing at the same time while you are browsing Bet9ja’s website, with odds that fluctuate based on live market changes, going up and down dynamically based on the development of the game.Mobile betting bonus details: This is any sort of bonus that comes with using a mobile device or the bookmaker’s mobile app. Not all bookmakers have a mobile app.There are lots of action-packed markets to have a punt on including soccer, tennis, basketball, American football, rugby, boxing, and many more.The last novelty but not the least is certainly the Bet9ja league, for those who would like to know exactly what is this Bet9ja league, it’s a virtual football season played in over 1 hour.These betting bonuses take the form of a welcome or sign-up bonus on the initial deposit. FAQ – Bet9ja Promotion CodeHow do I get my bet9ja bonus code? To receive the bonus, please enter the bet9ja promotion code when registering a new account.Deposit at least ₦100.You have to stake your full deposit at odds of at least 3.00 and the bets need to settle before you receive the bonus money.What does the promotion code mean at bet9ja?The bet9ja promotion code is YOHAIG: it allows you to get up to a 100% bonus of up to N100.000 on your deposit for the Bet9ja sportsbook.Does bet9ja give a bonus on the first deposit?Yes, when you deposit at bet9ja the first time, you are entitled to a match bonus up to 100% of up to ₦100,000 for the Bet9ja Sportsbook.Be sure to use the bet9ja promo code YOHAIG when registering.Do I have to pay to register? No, registering with Bet9ja is free. If you would like to bet and play, you will have to make a deposit on your bet9ja account.What are the deposit limitations? Bet9ja doesn’t accept a deposit under 100 Nairas. And the maximum you can put on your account is ₦10,000.Does bet9ja have a maximum payout limit?If you love to make big bets, remember that bet9ja’s maximum payout is ₦50,000,000. Everything that exceeds this amount won’t be paid, as noted in their T&Cs.What is a minimum deposit? Well, this is the smallest possible amount of money the bookmaker will accept from you. Bookies make limitations and set the minimum deposits. This is why there are minimum deposits at a reasonable price. Summary of the Bet9ja Promotion CodeBet9ja is an excellent bookmaking service offering a wide selection of sports betting markets with a safe and secure system.On top of that, they add up-to-date features for mobile and an easy-to-use platform, to make it the obvious choice for online betting.Be sure to use your Bet9ja promotion code, YOHAIG, to get even more out of the experience and to maximize your winning potential. Players must be 21 or over and located in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal. Please play responsibly.

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches, american football, horse racing, the premier league and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot or the gold titan jackpot.

  9. October 7, 2021

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – Gatherings of more than five people will be banned
    in South Korea´s capital region as an elevated step to suppress what authorities call an “explosive” surge in coronavirus infections. The Seoul region is
    home to half of South Korea´s 51 million people and has been at the center of a recent viral resurgence.

    The country averaged about 960 new virus cases each day in the past week,
    more than 70% of them in the Seoul metropolitan area. Acting Seoul mayor Seo Jung-hyup said
    Monday the ban will apply to any type of meetings including year-end parties, office dinners, birthday
    parties and picnics.

    Only weddings and funerals can follow the current rule of not more than 50
    people. He says the new restrictions will take effect from Wednesday and
    last until Jan. 3 in Seoul, Gyeonggi province that surrounds Seoul and Incheon city, just west of Seoul. Seo says
    he knows the ban is “harsh” but stresses the current viral
    spread cannot be slowed without preventing transmissions among relatives and company
    He says Seoul could face a lockdown if the current
    “explosive” surge isn´t contained. Earlier Monday,
    South Korea has reported 24 more virus-related deaths in the
    country´s highest daily fatalities since the
    pandemic began. The government added a total of 926 new cases, taking the country´s total to 50,591
    including 698 deaths. A medical worker wearing protective gears
    prepares to take sample in the sub-zero temperatures at a coronavirus testing
    site in Seoul, South Korea, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man) In other developments in the
    Asia-Pacific region: – Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike
    has asked all residents to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s at home
    just with their families. Daily coronavirus cases have been steadily on the rise across Japan, with Tokyo hitting a new daily high at
    822 on Friday.
    On Monday, the capital reported 392 new cases for a prefectural total of 51,838.
    “Christmas and New Year’s holidays are coming up, but this year I would like everyone to put life before anything else,”
    Koike told a special news conference, “Please spend the holiday season just with your family and stay home.” Koike said organizers of Tokyo´s Christmas illumination events have agreed to close at 8

    every night, and subway companies will not operate overnight trains on New Year´s Eve to discourage people from gathering for
    annual countdown events. City-operated parks and zoos will also be closed until Jan. 11. –
    Thailand´s total number of confirmed coronavirus cases surged past 5,000 on Monday as hundreds of migrant workers tested positive, posing a
    major challenge for the authorities.
    Thailand has been one of several Southeast Asian countries that
    were faring relatively unscathed by the pandemic. But on Saturday, health officials reported a daily record of 548 new cases, almost
    all of them among migrant workers in the seafood industry in Samut Sakhon province, 34 kilometers (21 miles) southwest
    of Bangkok.

    Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said his government would wait to see how
    the situation looked in a week´s time before deciding on any special restrictions for
    New Year´s celebrations. The new cases in Samut Sakhon, most not exhibiting symptoms, were found by mass testing after a
    67-year-old shrimp vendor at a seafood market tested positive
    for the virus.
    The Klang Koong seafood market – one of the country´s largest – and its associated housing were sealed off by razor wire and police guards.
    The province has also imposed a night curfew and other travel restrictions until Jan.
    3. Many public places, including shopping malls, schools, cinemas, spas and sports stadiums, have been ordered closed.
    – An Australian state government leader apologized for a bungled hotel quarantine program that led to most of the nation´s COVID-19 deaths.

    A retired judge who investigated Victoria state´s quarantine program for returned travelers criticized the use of private security guards to
    enforce isolation in Melbourne hotels in May
    and June. Victoria Premier Dan Andrews explained the quarantine system had been implemented quickly and without a pandemic
    rule book.
    “I want to apologize to the Victorian community for the very clear errors that were made in this program,” Andrews said after the report’s release.
    The lax infection controls at two Melbourne quarantine hotels set off a wave of infections in Australia´s second-largest city while the
    rest of the country had been largely virus-free.

    Of Australia´s 908 deaths from COVID-19, 820 died
    in Victoria. Police now provide security at Melbourne quarantine hotels. Meanwhile,
    the spread of an ongoing outbreak in Sydney´s northern beach suburbs
    appeared to be slowing. Of the 83 cases confirmed, only 15
    were added in the past 24 hours.
    That’s half the previous day’s increase, despite more than 38,000 people
    being tested in the latest day, New South Wales state Premier
    Gladys Berejiklian said. She cautioned against assuming those numbers will continue to decline, saying:
    “In a pandemic, there is a level of volatility, so we´ll closely monitor what happens.” All 15 new cases were
    linked to two live music venues.

    The original infection is a U.S.-strain suspected to have
    leaked from Sydney hotel quarantine. More than 250,000 Sydney residents in the northern beaches area are under a four-day lockdown until Wednesday.
    Berejiklian said what restrictions continue over Christmas will be
    reviewed on Wednesday.

    All Australian states have imposed restrictions on travelers
    from Sydney and parts of New South Wales because of the outbreak. –
    Hong Kong and India will ban flights from Britain after a more
    infectious variant of the coronavirus was found in the country.

    They join countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Canada and the
    Netherlands in stopping flights from Britain, after the mutated strain of the
    virus was found to be 70% more transmissible than usual.
    Hong Kong Health Minister Sophia Chan said Monday that recent arrivals from Britain will also have to serve
    21 days of quarantine, a week longer than the usual
    14-day period.

    Two weeks of this will be served in a designated quarantine hotel,
    and the final week is to be served at home. As of
    Sunday, Hong Kong had reported a total of 8,153 infections, with 130 deaths.
    Indian Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted on Monday that the suspension of flights is
    from Wednesday until Dec.

    31. Medical workers wearing protective gears in the sub-zero temperatures talk at coronavirus
    testing site in Seoul, South Korea, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man) A medical
    worker wearing protective gears prepares to take sample in the sub-zero
    temperatures at coronavirus testing site in Seoul, South Korea, Monday,

    21, 2020. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man) Tokyo Gov.

    Yuriko Koike attends a press conference in Tokyo Monday, Dec.
    21, 2020. Koike on Monday asked all residents to celebrate Christmas and
    New Year at home just with their families, and asked organizers to
    light-up events to close early in the night. (Yuki Sato/Kyodo News via AP) Tokyo

    Yuriko Koike attends a press conference in Tokyo Monday, Dec.
    21, 2020. Koike on Monday asked all residents to celebrate Christmas and New
    Year at home just with their families, and asked organizers to light-up
    events to close early in the night. (Yuki Sato/Kyodo News via AP)
    People wearing face masks to protect against the coronavirus make their way toward a station in Tokyo
    Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Daily coronavirus cases have been steadily on the rise nationwide.
    Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike on Monday asked all residents to celebrate Christmas and New Year
    at home just with their families, and asked organizers to light-up events to
    close early in the night.
    (Kenzaburo Fukuhara/Kyodo News via AP) Surfers carry their boards along the beach front at Manly on the
    northern beaches in Sydney, Australia, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Sydney’s northern beaches are in a lockdown similar to the one imposed
    during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March as a cluster of cases in the area increased to more than 80.
    (AP Photo/Mark Baker) People wait in a line at a COVID-19 testing station on the
    northern beaches in Sydney, Australia, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Sydney’s northern beaches are in a lockdown similar
    to the one imposed during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March as a cluster
    of cases in the area increased to more than 80.
    (AP Photo/Mark Baker) A worker water blasts clean beach
    equipment at Manly on the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Sydney’s northern beaches are in a lockdown similar to the one imposed during the start
    of the COVID-19 pandemic in March as a cluster of cases in the area increased to more than 80.

    (AP Photo/Mark Baker) Staff question people as they wait in a line at a COVID-19 testing station on the
    northern beaches in Sydney, Australia, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Sydney’s northern beaches are in a lockdown similar to
    the one imposed during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March as
    a cluster of cases in the area increased to more than 80.
    (AP Photo/Mark Baker) A staff member questions people as they wait in a
    line at a COVID-19 testing station on the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Sydney’s northern beaches are in a lockdown similar
    to the one imposed during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March as a cluster of cases in the area increased to more than 80.
    (AP Photo/Mark Baker) People wait in a line at a COVID-19 testing station on the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Sydney’s northern beaches are in a lockdown similar to the one imposed
    during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March as a cluster of cases in the
    area increased to more than 80. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)
    A surfer carries his board as he skates along the beach front at Manly on the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia,
    Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. Sydney’s northern beaches are in a
    lockdown similar to the one imposed during the start of
    the COVID-19 pandemic in March as a cluster
    of cases in the area increased to more than 80. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)
    A woman wearing a face mask as a precaution against the coronavirus walks near the display of South Korea’s capital Seoul logo in Seoul,
    South Korea, Monday, Dec.

    21, 2020. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

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